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ce some families are reluctant t▓o reveal crimes committed against them.But much-needed help is on the way. The Chinese ▓hi-tech firm, Baidu, has introduced new Arti▓ficial Intelligence (AI) facial recogniti▓on technology that has played a pivotal role to help missing children reunite with t

heir families.Starting in March 2017, Baidu upgraded a Chi▓nese Website, Baby Come Home, which ▓aims to upload a nationwide database of photos of missing children.The missing children submit their photos, which get scanned and analyzed to compare with photos sent by the parents of missing children. The facial recognition system can narrow down the search to a▓bout 30 families and then through further communications, families can be reunited if t

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u Gu, 33, from Chongqing is one success story. H▓e was abducted at 6-years-old and he


up▓loaded his photo on the Website. On April 1, he met h▓is biological parents after DNA testing c▓onfirmed the match.Support system for familiesThe sad truth about China is that abductions ▓have become a widespread social problem and many fear abductions could increase s▓ince a number of criminal gangs getting involved with kid▓nappings either force families to pay ransoms or sell children to other families▓.Reportedly, motorcycle gangs are known

to roll into publi▓c areas in cities where children are playin▓g. They sweep in, grab them and roll out within minutes.▓ They transport them into cars, where the children get delivered to a different Chinese city to be sold.Some kidnapping gangs, who were arrested, have informed officials that the usual rate for selling a child to ▓another family is valued at approxim▓ately $US50,000 (RMB300-350,000).Child traffickers pref▓er to steal boys, since Chi

nese culture favors fami

lies raising males over females. Hence, Chinese cops need more help to assist families in the s▓earch o

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e with better tech.It's a nightmare for any parent to worry about a missing child. They wake up each mor▓ning wondering if their child is dead or alive. Th▓ey feel no sense of finality until they g▓et back their child, or unfortunately, recover the body.A▓lthough China's 'Reunion' system has successfully identified 1,274 missing childre

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n in a period of 12 months, it was revealed that▓ 75 of the children died by drowning and 29 were murdered.The parents of 104 children had to bury them. The news was heartbreaking, but at least families know the truth and could stop searching in vain.China's new technolo▓gy u

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